Welcome to Amrutyatra's Students Tours

This year AmrutYatra steps into the 10th year of unveiling 'Inspirational India' through Tourism. Aligning with our objective, we at AmrutYatra, have vowed to expose 10,000 students to 'Inspirational Maharashtra' during the upcoming year !!

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The Ethos of mankind is to explore, question, strive to find answers and EVOLVE in the process. These indispensable qualities have been the key to our overall development and growth.

Driven by the intrinsic nature of these qualities we at Amrutyatra conceived the concept ECG, which represents Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Goodness for we believe that the essence of being good human beings is having Entrepreneurial Qualities, being Creative to Evolve and be humble and kind Spreading Goodness for personal evolvement and growth of society at large.

Amrutyatra, an organization that was founded solely with the thought of spreading Inspiration, through its tours and talks (Swayam) has been instrumental in connecting enterprising individuals and organisations from varied fields with thoughtful and sensitive people. It is important that inspiring stories of these extraordinary individuals be told and re-told to the aspiring youth of India. This young generation is blessed with immense potential, resources, exposure and energy. All that is needed is to nurture them with the right directive. We at Amrutyatra believe that the spread of ECG amongst the youth of today will ensure a promising India of self motivated, fierce yet sensitive individuals.

Tour Desinations

  • Anandwan-Hemalkasa-Somnath-Tadoba
  • Ralegan Siddhi-Hiware Bazar-Savalee-Snehalay-Vigyan Ashram
  • Jalgaon-Gandhi Tirth-Ajintha Caves
  • Melghat-Chikhaldara
  • Barefoot College-Jaipur Foot-Jaipur City

Also . . .

  • Alibaug
  • Aurangabad
  • Kolhapur
  • Ratnagiri
  • Guhagar
  • Malvan
  • Shivneri
  • Torna
  • Rajgad
  • Purandar
  • Raigad