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Heritage Walk

Why fort area is called FORT??
How the 'Club' culture evolved in Mumbai??
When and in whose memory was Jehangir Art Gallery built??
How Elphinstone College was once also a printing press???

These and many more questions about our very own Mumbai City are put to rest on our heritage walk. This walk also brings to light the influence of the socio economic developments in the world on the growth of our CITY....once a cluster of just 7 islands....

Kanheri Caves

Kanheri caves in the midst of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, finds mention in many ancient scriptures all over the world as 'Krishnagiri', meaning black mountain. These centuries old caves (they range from 1st to 10th century) became important Buddhist settlements during the 3rd century which explains the 'Stupas' in many caves at Kanheri. Revelations like these are thought provoking as they take you back in history and explain the existence and growth of mankind of which you and me are a part TODAY

7 Forts of Mumbai

Mumbai, now a financial capital was once a city with many forts. These forts have stories to tell... stories about their birth, the craftsmanship, the artisan, the people who inaugurated them, used them... and how they stood and watched the changing Mumbai city... They now stand amidst a busy modern city and every time you turn and look at them, you can still have a glimpse of their long lost glory.

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